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The beauty of social media is that anyone can create a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest business page. However, do you really have the time, expertise, and dedication to keep up with social media? In order to create value for your business through social media, you must be patient, diligent and devoted. As your online audience begins to grow, so will your business!

Create Opportunities

Our primary focus as your social media partner is to create beneficial opportunities for your business. We’ll take charge of building your audience, which will lead to brand awareness and affiliation, strong customer relationships, an increase in community connections, and a large industry presence – all of which will make you a Titan.

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Social Media is an Opportunity To:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Strengthen and initiate customer relationships
  • Make new community connections
  • Receive online reviews
  • Learn about your competition

visits to per month to Google+. Was your profile one of them?
Use Google+ to share strong content and information with your customers and other industry leaders. It’s great for your search marketing efforts too.
1,500potential pieces of content are viewed by the average Facebook User. Do you have what it takes to stand out?
If you’re looking to continue the consumer connection daily, Facebook is the perfect platform for you. It’s a great channel for local businesses and companies looking to promote and sell their products and services.
trust LinkedIn as a Source of Information Affecting Decision Making

Looking to connect to other business? Does your company sell B2B? If so, use LinkedIn. This platform lets your audience know that you are an expert (and a Titan, of course). This social tool is great at the local and national level when employed properly. You can drive visitors to your site, other social media channels, and provide regular company updates.
of corporations use Twitter to post company news or updates.

Twitter provides the opportunity for “in the moment” advertising. This platform is best for businesses that want to share updates, product releases, events, news and engage with customers on a national level.
of consumers who visit Pinterest found an item they bought or wanted to buy.

Pinterest is designed for visual stimulation. This makes it perfect for ecommerce sites and can work on a national/global level. Use Pinterest to get people excited about your product!

Social media requires organization, planning and creativity.

Let Titan Web Marketing Solutions take care of your social media channels with our proven process and strategy.

1. Strategize

Our first step is to see where your social media

stands and put together a plan for improvement.

2. Implement

We’ll put your social media plan into action by

creating great content and growing your audience. Our goal is to drive more sales.

3. Analyze

Through numerous reports, we’ll see how your

audience is growing and your engagement is increasing.

4. Adjust

Using the various tools at our disposal, we’ll

fine-tune your campaign and continue to improve and engage your audience.

Message from a Titan

Titan Web Marketing Solutions is at the top of their league! In a technology-driven world, it is imperative to work with a company that truly understands the importance of excellent web design and marketing. They possess the knowledge, expertise and experience to drive your business to the top with proper marketing techniques. They have personally helped me to better understand LinkedIn as well as search engine optimization. I highly recommend Titan Web Marketing Solutions to family, friends and colleagues!

Sheila Lunsford, Realtor, Reliant Realty

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