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Long story short, your customers need to be able to find your website in order for you to generate sales. Whether your customers search the Internet using Google, Yahoo or Bing, we want your website to be visible. Search Marketing is a combination of three primary strategies: Organic Search, Local Search and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. These tactics are implemented to increase your online visibility and exposure. You have the option of employing all three strategies

or just one. No matter what you choose, we’ll work hard to improve your online ranking.

More Leads

Our ultimate goal is to use our marketing prowess to drive more visitors to your website, and then convert those visitors into leads for your business. Search Marketing will effectively drive more traffic and potential leads to your website to get the ball rolling.

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Anatomy of Search Rankings

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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This adaptable search marketing tactic enables you to target larger audiences using specific keywords and enticing copy. These ads provide you with brand exposure, a high click-through rate, and the ability to be on the first page of the search results.

Organic Search

What are your customers searching for? With organic search marketing tactics, you can reach your target audience through keywords and other on-site tactics.

Local Search

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Show up on the map! With the increase in mobile use among customers, it’s vital that your business is a part of the local search results. Not sure how to improve your local search ranking? Let us help.


In November 2012, had 291 total visitors. A year later, the website received 1569 total visitors. Do the math and that’s a 227% increase in traffic. Jo, the owner, is one happy chef.

Titan increased the click through rate for Google Adwords client by 221% without increasing their monthly budget a single dollar. Not even one.

Titan increased the local search traffic for by 156% from Google, 288% from Bing and 111% from Yahoo.

Message from a Titan

Titan Web Marketing Solutions is the BEST MARKETING TOOL you can have in your shed. They are very cost efficient, very knowledgeable, and masters at getting results! I could not have spent my advertising dollars in a better place. Are they worth it? If you like to have a major increase in revenue, with minimal expense, YES! If I had to strip my entire advertising budget, Titan Web Marketing Solutions would have my business forever. They are worth much more than their fee; they are an asset that must not be overlooked.”

Donald Lester
Owner, L&L Contractors

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