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All Titans have Brands

A Titan’s brand is present in everything they do: their logo, advertising, website and more. Once you define your brand image, you can take a stand and say “This is MY business, and this is how we shall be known!” With a solid and complete branding concept, the rest of your marketing efforts will fall into place.

You can be a Titan

Yes, you. We’ll work with you, starting at the heart of your organization, to create a brand that truly exemplifies your business. By focusing on your strengths and how to target your clientele, we’ll design a strong brand image for your business. View our strategy below to see how we turn your company into a Titan.

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Becoming a Titan is all about strategy

All great brands start with a strategy.

1. Research

After an initial meeting to gather information for our

Creative Strategy, we begin researching your industry, the market, and your target audience.

2. Brainstorm

From this research, we begin thinking about

concepts that stand out in your market and focus on enticing your consumers.

3. Creation

We take a few hard-hitting ideas and turn them into

visuals. This may take a few rounds of roughs and brainstorming before you actually see anything.

4. Implement

Once the final idea is chosen, we will refine the

idea further and focus on how the new strategy fits into all areas of your brand: your logo, business cards, website, and advertisements.

Message from a Titan

“We hired Titan Web Marketing Solutions when we opened our new location in Nashville. We wanted a new logo and website in connection with the new office. Titan Web Marketing Solutions exceeded our expectations with their attention to detail and professionalism. I can recommend Titan Web Marketing Solutions without hesitation.

David J. White
VP, BJB Construction Co., Inc.

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